Far Beyond Faerun

Goblin Arrows

The March to Phandalin

After being hired by Gundren Rockseeker for protection, a band of able adventurers looking for a small amount of coin and a new frontier met in Neverwinter.

Nassus Ryn, the human fighter
Nyx, the dark elf rogue
Maegar, the dwarven bard
Maikubaku, the dragonborn sorcerer
Akaichi, the tiefling cleric

Such a diverse group of adventurers is an oddity even within the massive walls of Neverwinter. Gundren Rockseeker and his companion Sildar Hallwinter left 2 days prior to get to Phandalin so they can “take care of some business”. The group gathered supplies and set out with the caravan. However, about halfway there our adventurers stumbled upon two dead horses along the triboar trail. After a small amount of investigation, goblin arrows flew out of the trees and the party engaged.

The goblin scouting party was quickly dispatched.

The party made haste to drop off the caravan at Phandalin and spoke with Elmar Barthen, the dwarf who owed the party money. After expressing surprise and anxiety over not seeing Gundren yet, he urges you to seek out what happened to Gundren.

The party rests and rents horses to quickly make it back to the scene of the goblin attack. After tracking a path into the forest, they come upon a natural cave and a stream running into it. This is discovered to be a goblin hideout, of which were hired by Redbrand Ruffians to kidnap adventurers travelling through the area.

After killing the leader of the group the adventurers were able to make a deal with the next in line Goblin. In exchange for Sildar Hallwinter’s life, you gave the head of Klarg the bugbear to Yeemik the goblin, who will now take over the Cragmaw Hideout and has promised not to disturb the trail or Phandalin. During the exchange, Yeemik also gave you certain useful pieces of information such as where Gundred Rockseeker is being held and the fact the Redbrand Ruffians were after some sort of map in his possession. After an agreement was reached, you grabbed Sildar’s equipment and traveled back to Phandalin. Sildar was very grateful of your assistance and rewarded you handsomely.

Sildar now plans to bring The Lord’s Alliance to Phandalin and urges you to attempt to find out what happened to Gundren Rockseeker.

And so our adventurers made way to the Stonehill Inn and rested, for they will have quite the adventure ahead of them..


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