Well Met!

Phandalin, a small mining village that was razed by orc marauders hundreds of years ago, has slowly started to rebuild among whispers of the rediscovery of the coveted Wave Echo Cave. The cave, rumored to be the home of the legendary Spellforge, has attracted attention of many fortune seekers and evil organizations. An over-eager, surly dwarf by the name of Gundren Rockseeker may be the key to unlocking the magic of the Spellforge and reclaiming the cave, but there are plenty who want the cave for themselves.

Trials, treachery, under-handed deals, and kidnapping are rampant during the race to the Wave Echo Cave. Can our heroes get the cave into the right hands? Or will they be too late and have to deal with villains who have other plans?

The future of our cozy, rough and tumble settlement of Phandalin rests on our adventurers shoulders.

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Far Beyond Faerun

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